The World Most Expensive Valentine’s Day Gift Guide!

Here are the Top list of the most expensive Valentine’s Gift!

1. Teddy Bear US$ 2.1 Million

The Most Expensive Teddy BearBuy her the world Most Expensive Teddy Bear, wearing Louis Vuitton. It is housed at Teddy Bear Museum in Jeju, Korea.It is sold in an Auction in Monaco in 2000 for USD 2,100,000

2. Champagne US$ 275,000 a Bottle

The Most Expensive ChampageEnjoy the 300 years old Heidsieck Champagne. Shipped to Russian Family and a shipwreck off the coast of Finland and make it lost in the sea. Divers discovered over 200 bottles in 1997

3. Chocolates at US$ 2,600 / Pound

 Chocolate ExpensiveDark Chocolate Truffles with a French black truffle inside at $250 / piece. 70% Valrhona cacao, blended into a creamy ganache with truffle oil then hand-rolled with a dark truffle on the inside dusted by a cocoa powder.

4. A Diamond Ring 1,8 Million

 Expensive Diamond Ring“Diamonds in white color… A very fine model, suitable for long hands of a woman’s fashion: only 9 carat diamond but the price is amazing, the most expensive rings on the planet.” According to the website

5. Roses US$ 24 to US$ 35 each

 Expensive RoseAfter early two decades of research and development work, when it was impossible to have a blue rose, now it is available for sale in 2009.


Article Source: Examiner


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