The Nyepi Day

There are a lot of regions and cultures all over the world. Each of them has their own way to define new year. For example Chinese people have their own new year called Chinese New Year based on Lunar Calendar it is when Chinese people meet each other on their way out and greet them by saying “Gong Xi Fa Chai” (See more about the Chinese New Year in here). The Moslem celebrate on their Muharam Year and the rest of the people will use the gregorian calendar which will celebrate new year on the 1st January.


The same thing goes in with Balinese people. Bali use different culture calendar system.They use gregorian calendar fr business and goverment purposes and for holy days, temple ceremonies, death and cremation process, celebration, building house, starting a business, wedding ceremonies and any other important events. Western people celebrate new year with big and fun party, in fact Balinese celebrate their new years in silence. This is called Nyepi Day, Balinese day of Silence.

Nyepi day is a day to make and keep the balance of the nature. It was choosen after the election of King Kaniska I of India in 78 A.D. The King was famous for his wisdom and tolerance for Hinduism and Budhism societies. In that time, Aji Saka did Dharma Yatra (The missionary tour to promote Hinduism) to Indonesia and introduce the Saka Year.

On Nyepi day, every street is quite, nobody doing their normal activities, even airport will be down too. There will be Pecalang (Balinese police) controls and checks for street security. Pecalang wear a black uniform and an Udeng (Balinese Traditional Hat). Pecalang’s duty is not only to control the security but also to stop any activities which affects and disturb the Nyepi day. Light at minimum or not at all, no radio and TV as there will be no channel activated. The world are expected to be clean and everything starts new after a day of introspection to values such as love, patience, kindness, humanity etc. So whereever you stay in Bali during the Nyepi day, it is better to spend indoor. Indeed Nyepi day has made Bali a unique island.