Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year has a hidden story behind it which is not known by all people. The light red color and fireworks which enhance the ambiance to become much more glorious.

Grania Bali Villas Chinese New Year

The first day on the first month in Chinese Calendar is called Guo Nian. On that day all the Chinese celebrate the day by visiting their relatives, families and friends and greet them by saying “Gong Xi, Gong Xi” which means “Congratulation and hope wish you the best luck throughout the new year.”

Grania Bali Villas Chinese New Year
The Red color, fireworks sounds, and the greetings “Gong XI” is actually has a unique Chinese story behind it. It is believed that long time ago, before the Chinese New Year celebration people often feel nervous towards the last day of the year. The last day is called Nian Guan which means “Monster Gate”.

It is said, that at that time the beast animals and monsters were still alive on earth. One of the monsters called Nian, and it was the most dangerous.

Grania Bali Villas Chinese New Year

Nian is a monster with a Lion’s head and big mouth. Every single living things would be eaten by Nian. This fierce monster makes people very afraid. Nian is also known as being arrogant likes to boast himself. Nian usually terrorize the people and animals on the 30th Day of the 12th months of each year (Chinese Calendar).

Some people especially the old generation always think on how to defeat this monster. Until there was an old white-hair man, white eyebrow, white beard called Hong Jun. On the beginning of the 12th Month, Hong Jun meet Nian on behalf of all the people and said “We heard that you are strong, but why you dare only to terrorize the human which is weak and not as strong as some other wild animals in the jungle?!”

Nian felt so slighted and Nian went to the jungle to tear and eat a lot of animals there to prove of its power. Nian does not know that it is just a trick from Hong Jun so that man can be released from the threat of this monster.

After exhausted hunting all the monsters in the jungle, Nian went back to the village where suddenly Hong Jun turned into a God. Hong Jun jumped into its back and makes Nian shocked and jumped into the sky driven by Hong Jun. Since then, Nian never come back to the earth. Before disappearing to the sky, Hong Jun give a message to the people on earth that at the end of each year people need to put a red paper in each of the doors and windows and turn the loud firecrackers to makes Nian does not come back to the earth because Nian was afraid of the color red and loud noises.

Grania Bali Villas Chinese New Year
This is the beginning of the tradition of decorating the house with red color and some writing and symbols of happiness and luck. Guo Nian is also referred to as Xin Nian (New Year). They celebrate liberation with others by saying “Gong Xi, Gong xi!” The greetings then become Gong Xi Fa Chai to welcome Xin Nian.